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I gave her my card and just got her fingers touched feeling flow of current. She just asked me to sit and called her boss inside the cabin. While sitting on sofa also I was admiring her only. Within few seconds I was called by her boss and went inside the cabin where her boss was there, a gentleman with good personality. I discussed my products profile at length, and then he asked me to be tomorrow at their office.
I just came out of cabin and asked the receptionist for the card of her Boss, and while interacting asked her name also. She was Monika.She was married to a Man who was in excutive in some software co. and was out on tour for months, She was doing job just for time pass. I left the office, thinking about Monika only. I went to hotel and just thought of her only, admiring her tight boobs, she was around 27 years without any children’s.
Next day, I went to Office before the fix time and just interacted with Monika, I felt that she didn’t mind my interaction, and then her boss arrived. I then went to see him in cabin. After discussion he asked me to submit the quotation and asked to be there next month. Again after coming out of cabin I discussed few things with Shweta and felt that now she is also very friendly.
Meanwhile in month time I spoke to Monika on STD making some or the other reason’s got good interaction with her. I came back to their town after a month and from hotel only called to Monika, she felt to be delighted after hearing my name and transferred line to her boss, who asked me to be office after sometime. I went to their office and felt that Monika is appearing to be very excited to interact with me.
I visited her boss he said that they are placing the trial order and asked me to collect the envelope from the reception which Monika said that will be dropped by peon at my hotel. I gave her my room no. And came to hotel. It was 7.00 pm when receptionist of hotel called to my room and said that some lady want to meet me. I asked him to call her on line. I was surprised that it was Monika she said that there was no peon so she thought that she should come there.
I asked her to come up to the room. She came to room, she was bit tired. She asked me to order coffee which I asked immediately. When coffee came she prepared it. While serving to me I intentionally dropped coffee on her saree, she said Ok, I will just wash and come back. She went inside bathroom, but the door was opened, she then asked for towel as I went to give it to her.
I was shocked to see the buttons of blouse opened, but she instantly closed the door.
She then came out as nothing happened, but my dick was out of control. She suddenly asked me what I was thinking all about I said nothing. She said “Are you recapping my body, I said no it is nothing like it. I got that it is green signal. I said but really you figure is very good. I then suddenly got hold of her hand, which she resisted by saying that “Behave properly I am married’
I said boldly nobody is here and holed her hand tightly and pulled her on my thigh and started kissing on her face. She also started kissing back, and then I placed one hand on her breasts which were very tight. She then started touching my dick which got hard. I gradually opened her sari and blouse and within few moments she was in panty and bra. Then she pulled my Trousers zipper to see my Dick,
As she saw my hard rock, she was excited I was sitting on bed and she started playing with my dick.After that that I hold her in hand and lifted to bed and removed her brasher tits was hard. Then gradually remove her panty. Now the most desired women of the world were lying nude before me. There was lot of pubic hairs. I pressed her tits and placed one finger in her wet pussy.She was continuously kissing me.
Then I sucked her pussy to admire the salty taste. First I got an orgasm by sucking and licking her pussy. She was so excited. Then we enjoyed French kisses for some time. Now it was high time, I placed my dick inside her pussy which was bit tight (it was exceptional, being married) with single heavy stroke the dick was inside now I took her to the top of world by powerful strokes. She really grew mad and was asking to be faster. Then we went for animal strokes which she liked much. I was now about to ejaculate which I did on her Breast.
Her breast were covered by my cum cleaned it with her panty. But after relaxing for some time again we got hot and I sucked her wet pussy which she reciprocated by licking my dicking.Again she was ready was great which I enjoyed royally. She then coolly said that her husband was never baled to satisfy her and from the day she saw me, She was very eager to have sex with me. After that I fucked her many times. Now when to ever I visit to that town, I remember her alot, as she left the town and went to stay with her in-laws in some other town. For feedback please mail me at


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