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Hi best wishes to all readers and thank you for your valuable replies for my last story titled Sex desire posited in the category couples. Once again I’m Sheen from Kashmir now at Mumbai, a horny guy. This is a hot encounter with my sis in law Tuba, who is big fan of me from my marriage day onwards. She is my wife’s cousin studying her MBA now and aged 24 years. She is as cute as my wife and blessed with good assets.  Maine apni ghar ki naukrani ko aise hi seduce kar khoob choda
She must be 5.5 in height and 55 kgs weight. Her measures would be 36 28 36. She has pinkish skin tone and cheerful girl. She is a good friend of my wife as she is her aunt’s only daughter and also almost same age group as her. We both treat Tuba as innocent baby as she talks very much and active girl. First let me tell the things happened with her from the day one onwards. At that time we lived in their city for my job purpose. aunty sex stories
My wife aunt and uncle were also very friendly with me as we were the only relatives in the city. I got married three years back. At that time Tuba was studying her graduation. She used come our house and spend with her sister whenever she had free time as I was busy with my work. My wife had a good time with her.
When I came to house in the evening she used to chat with me. When ever we had argument Tuba used to support me instead of her sister.
My wife also felt very much happy with this girl. As she was local person in the city she used take my wife outside. At first I didn’t have any bad idea about Tuba. We took her each and ever place along with us. One day I came late from my office by 10 pm. To my surprise she was still in my house. My wife told me that her parents went to Chennai for some work, so her sister would be in our home for the night.
As I was newly married, I got disappointed by hearing that. I asked her where to sleep. She told me to sleep on the bed and both of them would sleep on the floor as mine is single bedroom house. After dinner we reached our beds. Suddenly the phone rang and wife talked with her aunt. My wife asked me to drop her sister in her house as her parents returned to home. With in minutes she changed her dress and came out leave.
On the way she just kept her hand on my lap leaned on my body. I didn’t have noticed her actions first. Suddenly she kept her chin on my shoulder and began to press her cute milky boobs on my back. I got horny by her actions. As I was newly married I didn’t got idea to seduce her, but I was in hurry to return to meet my wife. I dropped her in her house and came back. Next day onwards she behaved normal with me.
After 6 months I got transferred to my home town. We forgot everything. Recently in the month of January Tuba again came to our place to spend her holidays after one and half year. Now she looked more beautiful than before. She got full maturity in her body. She reached to the measures of my wife now. But her behavior was as usual like before. She always fought with her sister by supporting me.
Now she reached the age of 24 years and began to wear saris also some times. Again we used to sleep in the same positions as before. I slept on the bed and both of them on the floor. We began to chat about various topics. She asked me to teach car driving. I said ok to her. In the conversation suddenly I asked her about her marriage, as her parents were searching for a boy for her.
She instantly gave a reply that she wanted to marry me if my wife agreed. We all laughed by her joke. She told me that she would wake me up by 5O’Clock to learn car driving. Actually we don’t have a habit of early rising. She told us good night and lay beside the bed and slept. My wife was far from me to at least touch her. I was in full mood to act with my wife. But it was not possible, because of this girl.
By 5 am she woke me up my shaking my shoulders. She asked me to get ready for the drive. I washed my self and getting the car ready for the drive. She came out to the parking lot by wearing pant and t shirt. Her boobs were bulging from her t shirt. Her bra and panty lines were clearly visible from the dress.
First day I drove the car to the ground near our house. On the way I showed her the driving actions such as steering control, gear shifting, accelerating etc. in the ground she insisted me to give her driving. It is 5.30 am.
So nobody was there. I let her sit in the driving seat. I kept my leg on the clutch pedal by sitting on the middle of the seats. I was almost touching her full body. I just shifted the gear and asked her to pres the accelerator pedal. She suddenly raised the vehicle speed. It just jumped to forward.
I controlled the car with my both hands. In the process her mega boobs were touched on my back. Again I told her to go slow and she followed my instructions. We started the car to move in circular motion in the ground. My legs were feeling the hot touch of her legs. My elbow was just pressing her soft melons. Her bulging thighs were kept my legs to operate the pedals. She began to drive the car slowly.
But I was unable to concentrate on the teaching. After some time we returned home. As usual I left for my office. By evening I came by 6 pm in the evening. I found my wife working in the kitchen. I looked for Tuba, but she was in the bathroom, as heard water sound in the attached bathroom. Slowly I went to the kitchen and hugged my wife from the back. I began to press her boobs and smooch her neck and back part exposed from the nighty. She leaned her body on my hard rocky cock.
Her chubby ass cheeks were allowed my stiff cock in between. But I felt some strange touch in the body. Suddenly I saw Tuba wearing my wife’s dress in my hands. I felt shocked by seeing her. She laughed at me. I said sorry and left the kitchen. My wife came out of bath. Tuba brought coffee for all. We sat in the sofa and watched TV for some time. Suddenly she asked my wife to get her to the shopping to buy some thing. My wife told me to take her sister to shop.
On the she asked me how I felt by touching her. I calm down my self and hide my feelings. She again told me not to feel guilty about it and she was also felt happy by my action. She began to press her high mountains on my back. She kept her hand on my lap slowly moved towards my cock. I felt my cock was coming out of my pants by her touch. I stopped the bike at some no man place and began to kiss her lips.
She also responded with her lip lock. We both began to suck out mouths and exchanged the saliva. She kept her hands around me and hugged tightly. She told me that she wanted to have a husband like me. We finished our shopping and came back to my home. We all completed dinner and went to sleep. She wore a light colored nighty which had front open zipper. My wife slept soon in the middle of the chat.
Tuba was continued her talks with me and began to tease me. I reached the bed edge to see her next to me. As it was chilly out side my wife cover her full body with a thick blanket facing away from us. Slowly Tuba opened her front zip and began to show her huge assets. Her milky way was about 1 feet distance from my face. She began press her nipples, those were in pink color. I kept my cock out and began to stroke it by seeing her naked boob.
I switched of the light and reached the bed. It’s too dark in the room. Slowly I kept my hands on her boobs and began to press them. She got up to bed level and kept her nipples in my mouth. I sucked and bit them with my teeth. She began to press my hard cock and balls with her hands. It was very tough situation to deal with. She sucked my cock up to juices poured in her mouth. We slept for the night. As usual we got ready for the drive in the morning.
We got up little early and left to ground. I asked her to get in to the back seat. I switched on the ac and locked the doors from inside. We undressed our selves and 69 positions. I smelled her pink pussy. It was so nice and little hairy. I began to suck her virgin tight pussy. She hugged me tightly and began to suck my cock. She deepened my tongue in her pussy. She started fuck my cock with her mouth. Her pussy juices were began to flow and drank all the juices.
She began to cry with her orgasm and I poured my juices once again in her mouth. We completed our driving classes like this for a week. But we were waiting the right time to complete the real fun. The opportunity came at last. One day my wife’s had to move for her friends place to accompany her in the hospital. She told Tuba to take care of my things as it was Sunday. I was freshen up my self and dropped her in her friend’s house and came back with in one hour time.
When I came back Tuba prepared break fast for us waited at the dinning hall. She already took bath wear light blue transparent sari and dark blouse. I stunned by seeing her beauty in that sari. Her bulging chest was struggling to come out from the jacket. Her smart whitish midriff was inviting me to eat it. While serving the food her silky body was touching me. I felt her feminine body odor and grew hornier.
We completed the eating session and left to the bed room. I shut the door and lifted her on my hands. I kept her on the bed. She hugged me and began to kiss allover my face. I took her face in my hands and smoothly touched her pinkish lips with my lips. She got shivers in her body. She closed her eyes. I kept my hands on her wide open back and rubbed smoothly on the back. It was very smooth like feathers.
I began to kiss on her chubby cheeks and eye lids. She kept her hands around me and hugged so tightly. I lifted her head up and bit on her hairy neck and whitish back. I unwrapped her sari and began to lick allover her sexy pink body. She leaned on the bed and invited me eat her sexy novel, which was so deep and round in shape. I licked allover her belly and novel. She was unable to bare the happiness.
She began to moan like uuumm by biting her lips. She asked me remove my shirt and began to lick over my hairy chest. I pressed her creamy midriff and made her hornier. I asked her to stand before the dressing mirror. I reached back of her. Her creamy back and sexy hot ass were looking damn hot to play with. I slowly began to press her mega bust by looking in the mirror. They were pooping out of the blouse by my hard press. She moaned in a low noise.
I made her nude at the mirror itself and I too undressed my self. I kept on pressing her huge melons and kept my rocky solid cock on ass cheeks. She began press her body against my hard cock. Our nude bodies began to stick to each other. I asked her to bend on the table and keep the leg on a stool. Now her virgin pussy was exposed more. Her pussy juices were dripping from the pinkish love hole. I sat between her legs and sucked her pussy lips and lick her pussy hole dry.
She was crying like anything in the happiness. I made her sit on my face and I tongue fucked her for a while and she was moaning aloud. She kept on pressing her pussy on my face. Later I asked her to suck my cock. I sat on the bed and she reached between my legs. She lifted my pole with her hand and sucked the balls first. I got hot feelings then. She began to kiss the red head of the cock and applied the saliva on the head.
She took the full length in her mouth and began the to and fro action. I fucked her mouth rapidly up to deep throat. Then I made her sit on my lap. I kept my manhood in between her pussy lips. It’s so slippery with her juices and my saliva. Otherwise it might be difficult for me to enter a virgin pussy. I asked her to move on my cock. She just started her action on my cock. In mean time I was pressing her mega tits and licked her bare back. I stopped her.
I bent her on the bed and started doggy style. She widened her legs to reach her pussy easily. Again I licked her pussy juices to dry up and kept on to and fro action. She thrust back her body and sounded slaps. She got her orgasm and moaned aloud. But I wanted more from her. I made her lie on the bed and lift her legs with my hands. I entered the virgin pussy in normal style.
I rammed her pussy for 10 more minutes and poured my juices in her pussy. After that we hugged nude and slept till lunch. We cleaned the room and took combined bath in the shower. This was all happened for first and last time. Now she was at her home town and her parents were busy in searching a nice boy for her. That’s all friends. Please send your comments to


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